Ford Probe (1992 – 1997) Review

Ford Probe (1992 – 1997) At A Glance


+Pop-up headlights, it's a coupe that wears a Ford badge so therefore has a following, cheap, reasonable specification and a smooth V6 engine

-Ddn't capture the public's imagination like the Capri. Four-cylinder cars feel lacklustre

Much was expected of the Ford Probe when it hit the UK market in 1992. Mainly because enthusiasts were keen to see a new Capri from Ford, especially in the wake of the Calibra’s arrival and subsequent sales success. The Probe was part Ford, mainly Mazda, built as part of a joint venture known as AutoAlliance International near Detroit. The Probe was offered with two engine options, a 2.0-litre Mazda four-pot and 2.5-litre V6, featured interior and exterior styling by Uncle Henry, and platform, drivetrain and suspension by the Japanese company.

The mix ‘n’ match Probe didn’t sell in the UK as strongly as Ford executives had hoped, lacking the wide-range and gorgeous styling of its rival from Vauxhall. Which is interesting because now, it’s the Ford that’s gaining something of a cult following – probably not on merit. But the Probe does have pop-up headlamps, which is always a win. And it doesn't have to have those three-spoke alloys.