Ford Mustang II (1974 – 1979) Review

Ford Mustang II (1974 – 1979) At A Glance


+More economical than the original Mustang

-A sad decline for the once-great name

The restyled Mustang II in 1974 abandoned any pretence of offering performance. In the post-Energy Crisis years, and at a time when safety regulations were coming thick and fast, Ford responded in the only way it knew how – by downsizing. The top speed from the six-cylinder 2.8-litre version was now a paltry 102mph, and worse than that, 60mph came up in over 13 seconds.

Although the Mustang has been neutered compared with its predecessors from only a decade previous, these European sized cars kept the name alive, even if enthusiasts didn’t like what had happened to the once-great car. Sales remained strong though – and by 1978, over 1 million Mustang IIs had found new homes. A sad decline for a once great name…

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