Ford Mondeo and ST220 (2000 – 2007) Review

Ford Mondeo and ST220 (2000 – 2007) At A Glance


+Very good to drive. Comfortable on long distances. Well built interior. Good value as a used buy. TDCi diesels offer great economy. Huge estate versions ideal for load lugging.

-Some early models have uncomfortable seats. Limited storage for odds and ends. Swirl flaps can cause older 1.8i and 2.0i petrol engines to fail. Older 2.0 TDCi become money pits not worth repairing.

You'd be hard pressed to complete even the shortest journey without seeing a Ford Mondeo. It's one of the most popular models in the UK and with every new version it has improved to become a superb all-rounder. Comfortable, good to drive and spacious, the Ford Mondeo out-classes most other cars of its size and plenty that cost considerably more.

The design may not be that striking, but when it was first introduced in 2000, it was a huge departure from the rounded look of its predecessor. And this Ford Mondeo was a big improvement on the road too, managing to blend great handling with refined comfort - not an easy feat for any car, let alone a family hatchback. 

Of course, it's not just available as a hatch. There's a (rather unpopular) saloon and a superb estate version. The latter is a great load lugger and offers an absolutely enormous boot that can swallow huge amounts of kit whether it's luggage, boxes or the odd bit of furniture.

Most drivers prefer the economical yet punchy TDCi diesels (introduced in 2001) with the 2.0 TDCi with 130bhp the most popular. For performance, there's the Mondeo ST available with either a thunderous 3.0-litre V6 or a more sensible 2.2 TDCi.

There were several changes throughout its life, including improved quality and more equipment in mid-2003 while the biggest alterations occurred in 2005 when it was given a mid-life facelift with upgraded engines and a fresher exterior appearance with new light clusters and bumpers.

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Ask Honest John

Is maintaining a Mondeo ST220 going to turn into a bottomless pit?

"I have a 2005 Ford Mondeo ST220 with 100k miles which I love. it's immaculate inside and out. I've spent £2000 in the last 12 months replacing the clutch and flywheel, lower arms, suspension, brakes etc. The EML light came on last week and it turns out the rear cat has gone. Apparently this is a very labour intensive job that requires lowering the front sub frame, so with a replacement exhaust also required, I'm probably looking at another £1000 spend. I'm worried about a bottomless pit opening up and my question is whether or not you think it's worth keeping spending on this relatively rare car? If not can you recommend something sub £4000 which is as much fun?"
ST220s are excellent cars and, given the pedigree of prices for fast Fords, a car you probably do want to hang on to. However, its value won't rise overnight. It's predecessor, the ST24 is starting to see values rising - but if you plan to turn this ST220 into your pension pot then you'll need a fair wind, patience and deep pockets. This car is at the bottom of its value cycle where it's probably never going to be worth less - but alongside that is the fact that it's going to need A LOT of work to see it through. You could look at something like a Porsche 944 or a Peugeot 205 GTI, but whatever you choose (especially at those prices), you'll need to set aside a budget for maintenance.
Answered by Keith Moody
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