Fiat Multipla (2000 – 2004) Review

Fiat Multipla (2000 – 2004) At A Glance


+Brilliant, eccentric and superbly practical six-seater.

-Let down by poor quality trim and mechanical problems.

Even Fiat make no bones about it with a sign on the back window that reads, "Wait until you see the front". The Fiat Multipla is the weirdest looking car on the road today.

But that hasn't stopped it becoming one of the most fashionable cars to be seen in. It's very good to drive. And the interior is amazingly (if not brilliantly) practical. No other car of anything like its size can seat six in comfort with room for their luggage or their large dog behind them.

Fiat Multipla Year 2000 Road Test

What does a Fiat Multipla (2000 – 2004) cost?