Fiat Cinquecento (1992 – 1998) Review

Fiat Cinquecento (1992 – 1998) At A Glance


+Town-friendly proportions, you'll always find a parking space for it, cheap to buy and run

-Small boot, no power steering, no full-sized spare wheel and not that well built

In 1992, the legendary Fiat Cinquecento made a welcome return to the new car price lists after being absent since 1977. Okay, so the '90s iteration was completely unrelated to its rear-engined forebear, but it was an homest and interesting hatchback that clearly demonstrated Fiat's commitment to the baby car market. The new car was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro and created to replace the Fiat 126, right at the bottom of the range - and was designed for production in the FSM factory in Tychy, Poland.

The neatly-styled car was effectively a scaled-down Uno, a miniature front-wheel drive supermini, and proved particularly popular in Italy, and its home market of Poland. Under the skin, the Cinquecento was in many ways, a very advanced little car, despite being designed for low-cost manufacture - so it had all-independent suspension, plenty of passive safety equipment such as side impact bars and crumple zones, and just like the Tipo, it featured a galvanized body. Made famous in popular culture thanks to extensive appearance in The Inbetweeners, even if they were far from positive.

But don't let that sideline the Cinquecento's importance in Fiat's history - this car revolutionised the Tychy factory, opened up new markets, and arguably helped lead the way to the 2007 500, and its huge subsequent success.

Ask Honest John

My daughter's car was damaged by another driver - is his insurance company obliged to pay for repairs?

"Last week a car drove into the back of my daughter's Fiat Cinquecento. The driver, whose details we have, stated that he would pay the cost of repairs, estimated at about £350. The driver has now decided that he wants to claim off his insurance company. We do not want to claim from ours, as quite frankly the cost is probably more than the car is worth. Are his insurance company obliged to pay for the damage, or if they refuse how can we be reimbursed without being out of pocket? In any event, how long is reasonable time to wait, in case he is stalling in the hope that we won't pursue him?"
Yes they are obliged to pay, but you will also have to declare the claim to your insurers, unfortunately, as this could affect future premiums.
Answered by Honest John
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