Fiat 1100 Mk2 (1953 – 1969) Review

Fiat 1100 Mk2 (1953 – 1969) At A Glance


+Pacesetting small saloon

-Rust and low values ensure low survival rate

A brand new monocoque bodyshell was the major department for the Fiat 1100-103, but the familiar running brought the car back down to Earth. The familiar 1089cc engine powered the new car – and its four-speed gearbox with column-mounted shift still drove the rear wheels. Although the saloon was pretty standard fare, the 103 TV (‘Turismo Veloce’), was fun to drive, producing 50bhp. An estate version, the Familiare, joined the range in 1954 and a distinctive 103 TV ‘Trasformabile’ roadster was introduced in 1955.

The second-generation models from 1956 boasted more power at 53bhp, and the 103D model, with a longer boot, revised grille and better brakes, supplemented the range in 1957. At the same time a 103H Lusso version with 50bhp was offered. The new 1100D came in 1963 and featured new, cleaner styling. The final 1100, the 1100R was launched in 1968 – and it saw the return of the 1089cc powerplant, along with the installation of front disc brakes. The innovative 128 soon replaced that in Europe, but the 1100 lived on in India as the Premier Padmini powered by 1100cc and 1400cc engines. That car remains in production today.