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Chevrolet Reviews

One of the great American marques, often immortalised in song, Chevrolet was founded in 1911 by Billy Durant and Louis Chevrolet. Profits from the firm allowed Durant to buy General Motors in 1917, and thus Chevy became a major constituent of GM.

It was soon the US’s best-selling brand, building over a million cars annually by 1927. Designs in the 1950s were futuristic and powerful, with Chevy V8s becoming a legend in their own right. The glassfibre Corvette sports car made a similar name for itself – as did the later Corvair, but for all the wrong, safety-related reasons. Recent times have been turbulent, but Chevrolet still remains the archetypical American car maker.

Good: SS model is one of the primary muscle cars
Bad: Not for the faint-hearted