Buick Electra (1959 – 1972) Review

Buick Electra (1959 – 1972) At A Glance


+Full-sized American, with power to match and elegant styling

-Less of a following than some of the more obvious alteranatives

The launch of the Electra saw Buick return to the large car class with a more modern interpretation of the old Roadmaster range. The slightly sporting large car was huge – especially in 225 form, which as its name suggests, was 225in long (in the stretched body version). There was plenty of power though - a 6571cc V8, producing 325bhp delivered ample performance. Three years after launch, the standard car was dropped, and the range lifted by appearance of facelifted models produced under the direction of Bill Mitchell, GMs chief designer. The bodies were simpler and less bulky, especially the 'convertible look' two-door coupés.

For 1965, the Electra 225 received a major restyle and the same 325bhp V8 as used in the high performance Buick Wildcat model. This was further improved in 1966 when a Custom series was introduced, featuring plush interior trim. By 1967, the cars were getting bigger and bulkier again, but with more body contours and increased power output for the V8 engines, up to 360bhp. Two years later, the Electra 225 received another body rework and although still a large car, looked graceful.

Ask Honest John

Where can we sell a 1989 Buick Park Avenue?

"My best and oldest friend died earlier this year. His pride and joy was a 1989 Buick Park Avenue, which resides in a rented garage. His widow is unable to drive it and is anxious to sell at a reasonable price and to be able to stop paying the garage rent. We should be able to take some pictures and to assemble some sort of history. I should be grateful if you could suggest how to proceed with the disposal? "
Auction. Either www.barons-auctions.com or www.historics.co.uk. I don't think it will fetch much, though, because of the economic climate. Money is going into top classics, but not recent guzzlers like this.
Answered by Honest John
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