BMW M5 (1988 – 1995) Review

BMW M5 (1988 – 1995) At A Glance


+Brilliant super-saloon with excellent handling, strong performance, awesome soundtrack and communicative steering

-Lots and lots of abused examples out there, horrendously expensive to fix engine faults - especially compared with low values for less-than-perfect cars

The E34 generation took the M5 squarely into the 1990s, thanks to substantially-modernised styling, and a smooth new interior. The fabulous in-line six received various modifications to boost power to 315bhp, pushing the top speed to a limited 155mph.

King of the hill from the moment it was launched, rivals struggled to match the M5’s intimacy, balance and pace. Further improved in 1994, when the 3.5-litre engine’s output was raised to 340bhp, although top speed remained the same, unless the owner removed the limiter.

What does a BMW M5 (1988 – 1995) cost?