BMW CS and CSi (1969 – 1975) Review

BMW CS and CSi (1969 – 1975) At A Glance


+Big, pretty, pillarless coupe still looks fresh today, fast in all forms, but impressive all-rounder in fuel injected form

-As with all BMWs of this era: rust and high parts prices

The first BMW Coupe - the 2000CS - was a disarmingly attractive, and won many friends, even if it didn't go quite as well as it looked. The follow-up car, more closely aligned with the 2.5/2.8/3.0-litre cars, played on the visual strengths of the older car, but in a faster, roomier package.

With a straight-six under the bonnet and tidied up front-end styling, the BMW CS Coupé had entered the grand touring elite, going against some very talented opposition. The 2.8-litre engine developed 150bhp and that was enough to give the CS a maximum speed of 120mph. But it wasn't just fast - the CS was also blessed with firm and well-controlled suspension settings to result in first-rate handling and long-distance comfort that still stands up today.

In 1971 the CS was upgraded to 3.0-litres. Although outwardly similar to the outgoing 2.8-litres, the 1971 3.0CS was a major step forwards thanks to an uprated chassis and braking set-up first seen in the saloon range. The excellent roadholding of the former model was easily surpassed. The fuel injected CSi passed the 200bhp mark, making it a paid-up member of the performance car elite, with a top speed of 135mph and 0-60mph time of less than eight seconds. 

Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar now had a rival that could go with them toe-to-toe.