BMW 02-Series (1966 – 1977) Review

BMW 02-Series (1966 – 1977) At A Glance


+Great to drive

-Rot, high parts prices

Initially known as the 1600-2, as the first 02-Series' was a new entry-level BMW, created as a logical down-scaling of the 1500-2000. The 1600-2 (the -2 meaning two-door)was launched at the Geneva auto show in March 1966and was sold through 1975, with its name simplified to 1602 in 1971. With 85bhp from its M10 engine, the 1602 won friends for its excellent dynamics and brilliant handling - in the dry.

Despite their relatively high prices the smaller-engined cars in the 02-Series were popular entry level models, turning on a generation of drivers to BMW ownership – and today, these cars still enjoy a healthy following. Overshadowed somewhat by the pocket rocket 2002, in many ways, the 1502 and 1602 are better balanced and more satisfying to own – if you can find one that's rot-free.

What does a BMW 02-Series (1966 – 1977) cost?