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Bitter Reviews

The Bitter car company came about, when racing driver and car importer, Erich Bitter found himself captivated by the 1969 Opel CD concept. He approached Opel with a view to building the car, and a deal was struck to form Bitter GMBH. The first car, the CD, was Erich Bitter’s reinterpretation of that concept, and it made quite a splash on the market place internationally.

The cars were constructed by Baur, and after 395 had been built, the firm switched its attention to the more affordable SC in 1979, which was again Opel-based but had a coupé body designed by Bitter himself (although it did look awfully like the Ferrari 400). Convertibles and saloons followed, but Bitter failed felll out of regular series production in 1989. There have been subsequent faltering attempts to get back into production - but none have achieved lasting success.

Good: Italianate styling, a proper 1970s GT car with old-school German build quality and reliability, Chevrolet engine and transmission easy to find parts for
Bad: Predictably heavy on fuel, and disappointingly unresistant to rust
Good: Italianate looks combined with rugged German mechanicals
Bad: Itanliate ability to rust