Berkeley T60 (1959 – 1960) Review

Berkeley T60 (1959 – 1960) At A Glance


+Fun, and not as scary on three wheels as you might think

-Not for the faint hearted

Although the Berkeley T60 was only in production for a year, and sold a mere 1830 units, it was actually a popular entry level sports 'car' when in graced the market between 1959 and '60. It was effectively a 322/328 with a wheel missing at the rear, and delivered all - if not more of - the fun of the car it was based upon.

Like its four-wheel counterparts, the T60 was designed by Lawrie Bond, who went on to build cars under his own name, including the iconic Bonf Bug. The T60 was fun to drive in the right circumstances, and remains so to this day. Berkeley even managed to squeeze a rear seat into some of the last models off the line, and had it not been for the collapse of the parent company, it could well have been a last success.