Berkeley Sport (1956 – 1959) Review

Berkeley Sport (1956 – 1959) At A Glance


+Light and economical, cheap to buy and work on

-Not really a practical proposition on modern roads

The Berkeley Sports was offered with a number of two-stroke engines; but all models were utterly minimalist in their appeal. An Anzani two-stroke twin initially powered this glass fibre-bodied two-seater to a top speed of 65mph. Not fast, but certainly fun, and surprisingly popular. The 322 and 328 were well-styled and ahead of their time, especially with front-wheel drive. 

In 1957, the Sport SE492 was added to the range. It saw power boosted by the fitment of a three-cylinder  Excelsior motorcycle engine, and now was capable of 80mph. But the tiny size makes them an interesting choice for fans with a sense of adventure, especially if they want to take it onto the Queen's Highway. Cheap to fuel,  cheap to buy, and easy to work on, these Berkeleys are curious classics for those who don't necessarily have deep pockets.