Autobianchi Bianchina (1957 – 1968) Review

Autobianchi Bianchina (1957 – 1968) At A Glance


+All the fun of a Fiat 500 but with a few more luxuries

-Virtually unknown in the UK

The Autobianchi Bianchina was the first product from to roll out of the Turin factory in the post-war era after forming an alliance with the tyre-manufacturer Pirelli. it was based on the Fiat 500, and ended up being available as a saloon, estate, convertible and an appealing roll-top coupé. Luigi Rapi, who was in charge of Fiat’s special body unit and helped to set up production in Desio, had designed the completely new and stylish body.

Marketed as a luxurious ‘recreational vehicle’, it mirrored the increasing affluence in Italian society. It remained the sole body style until 1960, when a two-door Cabriolet was introduced, followed by a three-door estate version, the Panoramica. Although the Bianchina allegedly had four seats, it was really designed as a close cut coupe for friendly couples. Autobianchi Bianchinas were sold at a premium over their Fiat cousins, but offered more design flair. The Panoramica estate was based on the 500 Giardinera platform and made a useful family hold-all - and ended up being sold as a Fiat once Autobianchi fell under Fiat's full control in 1968.

What does a Autobianchi Bianchina (1957 – 1968) cost?