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Austin A40 Farina (1958 - 1967)

Last updated 24 February 2015


Model Timeline

01-01-1959 The Austin A40 Farina was launched

The Austin A40 Farina was introduced in the UK in 1958 (and was also produced in and for other markets, including in Italy by Innocenti. Initially only available in two door saloon format with a 948cc A-Series engine, it shared much with the Austin A35 it replaced, but was wrapped in a clean and fresh looking two box body style (but available only with a small drop–down bootlid) that pre-dates other cars that many claim to be innovators of the hatchback such as the Renault 16, Maxi etc.

01-01-1959 Austin A40 Farina Countryman was launched

Criticisms of limited access to luggage were addressed in 1959 by the introduction of the Countryman which offered a more flexible load space with an upper and lower bootlid (although the saloon remained in production and outsold the Countryman).

01-09-1967 The Austin A40 Farina Mk2 was launched

The Mark 2 A40 was introduced in September 1961 offering a revised interior, dash, brake improvements, SU carburettor (changed from a Zenith with an increase from 34 to 38bhp), longer wheelbase, revised front end and all hydraulic brakes. A year later, the engine was upgraded to a 1098cc unit shared with the Minor giving 48bhp, a baulk ring synchromesh gearbox (still no synchro’ on first gear) and a higher 4.22:1 final drive. Autumn 1964 marked the final changes with more comfortable interior and a wood effect dashboard.

01-11-1967 The Austin A40 Farina ceased production

Production ceased in November 1967 after approximately 342,000 had been built in the UK (and 67,207 in Italy as the Innocenti A40). The A40 made a niche for itself as a modern looking, good to drive small car which was utterly conventional mechanically at a time when the buying public were often wary of front wheel drive. As the 1100/1300 range established itself as the UK’s top seller, the newer more space efficient ADO16 took sales away from the A40. In its last year, only 12,000 A40s were built and a good many were not sold until 1968.

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