Armstrong-Siddeley Typhoon (1946 – 1953) Review

Armstrong-Siddeley Typhoon (1946 – 1953) At A Glance


+Great looking coupe, high quality build, solid and dependable

-Doesn't go as well as it looks as it shares the Lancaster's 2.0-litre engine

The Armstrong-Siddeley Typhoon was a coupe version of the entry-level Hurricane. Despite its - relatively - humble underpinnings, it managed to look sensational for its era, and now has an appeal all of its own. Just like its Hurricane/Lancaster brethren, the Typhoon has sophisticated independent front suspension, with a mix of longitudinal torsion bars and coil springs.

The rear was more traditional, with a live axle and leaf springs. The driving experience is stately and dignified, befitting of its upright styling, and thanks to that suspension, it dealt with rough roads brilliantly. Most were exported, but survivor numbers in the UK are high due to its loyal fan base.

But the steel-and aluminium bodywork is corrosion-prone and expensive and time-consuming to restore. So watch for bodged repairs by former owners who took a view on the quality of repair vs its relatively modest value.