Armstrong-Siddeley Star Sapphire (1958 – 1960) Review

Armstrong-Siddeley Star Sapphire (1958 – 1960) At A Glance


+Last throw of the dice for Armstrong-Siddeley and a case of going out in style, fast, good to drive, a real Jaguar beater

-Upright looks, expensive to restore, you'll struggle to find support in comparison with Jaguar and Rolls-Royce for instance

The Armstrong-Siddeley Star Sapphire was the final car produced by the company, and it genuinely was a case of going out in style. It might have looked rather similar to the old Sapphire 346, the Star Sapphire was a completely different proposition. For a start, it built on the older car's excellent dynamics, but added a considerable amount of performance and dynamics.

It received a lusty 4.0-litre straight-six saw the car top 100mph – and, finally, the four-speed all-synchromesh gearbox was joined by the option of a Rolls-Royce Hydramatic automatic transmission that made driving this swift saloon genuinely easy. Even today, a well-sorted Star Sapphire will surprise other people on the road. And anyone who's seen these cars in action on the circuit, will never forget the improbability of something of its bulk being able to run rings around more nimble sports cars.