Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/TZ2 (1963 – 1966) Review

Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/TZ2 (1963 – 1966) At A Glance



-Chances are you can't afford one

Created as a replacement for the gorgeous Giulietta SZ, the Zagato-styled TZ and TZ2 continued that car's glorious looks and race-bred handling. The TZ nomenclature stands for 'Tubolare Zagato', denoting the car's tubular chassis and that famous coachbuilder's involvement in its design and engineering.

The TZ was powered by Alfa's twin-cam beefed up to 170bhp and featuring SPICA fuel injection, and its suspension was a sophisticated all-independent set-up – in other words, here was a true thoroughbred. The TZ was the first Alfa Romeo with a glassfibre body (ten were built that way), and the TZ2 had even more dramatic styling. Incredibly desirable now.

What does a Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ/TZ2 (1963 – 1966) cost?