Alfa Romeo 155 (1992 – 1998) Review

Alfa Romeo 155 (1992 – 1998) At A Glance


+Twin-Spark and 2.6 V6 engines of later cars are both fantastic, touring car kudos, wide bodied Series 2 model looks great

-Arm-stretching driving position, poor build quality, too many electrical and mechanical glitches

The Alfa Romeo 155 was the final variation of Fiat's Type 3 platform to be launched. It shared a considerable amount of its architecture with the Fiat Tipo and Lancia Dedra - and truth be told, after the 75, this was no bad thing. Traditionalists will have bemoaned the loss of rear-wheel drive, but most pragamtists quickly realised although it was flawed, the 155 was a better car than its boxy predecessor in just about every way. It was powered by an interesting range of twin-spark and V6 engines, although it was the former type that was by far the most popular in the UK.

In 1995, the 155 was facelifted into series 2 guise, which ushered in the wide-body look. It was around this time that the 155 started winning in BTCC, and gained a bit of a new following. Silverstone special edition included a kit in the boot for owners to high-mount their rear spoiler, although this was clearly a rule bender for motor sport. Phased out after a relatively short production run, but did do a great deal to help rehabilitate Alfa Romeo in the UK after years in the doldrums.