Alfa Romeo 1300/1600 Junior Z (1970 – 1975) Review

Alfa Romeo 1300/1600 Junior Z (1970 – 1975) At A Glance


+Quirky and just as fun to drive as the standard Coupe

-Rust and a paucity of body parts

The Junior Z was created by Zagato using the short-wheelbase Type 105 chassis from the Spider, and the five-speed gearbox from the Giulietta. It was an arresting-looking coupé that added real variety to the Alfa Romeo line-up, but unlike earlier Alfa-Zagatos, it was not conceived for racing, nor was it particularly lightweight - it featured a steel bodyshell with an aluminium bonnet and aluminium door-skins (on the earlier 1300 JZs).

The sloping front and Kamm tail were certainly a world apart from the well-crafted classicism of the rest of the Giulia-derived cars, but no less appealing for it. The Junior Zagato was a little lighter and more aerodynamic than the standard cars so it was a bit quicker too. Considering its coachbuilt status, values are surprisingly low.

What does a Alfa Romeo 1300/1600 Junior Z (1970 – 1975) cost?