Top 10: Most stolen modern classics

We all know that older cars lack the inbuilt security features we've all come to associate with newer ones - and overall theft rate against 1980-1995 classics reflect this. The trouble is that currently, many of the cars targeted in this list aren't of the cherished variety, which explains the much higher theft rate of these cars, compared with easier to stael older classic cars.

So is your modern classic at risk? We list the top 10 modern classics that are most stolen in the UK. The figures are calculated by comparing the number of reported thefts and plotting them against how many examples survive on UK roads.

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Rover Metro
5160 left, with 69 stolen, equals 1.34% theft rate

The Rover Metro didn't benefit from the upgraded security that Rover fitted to its cars during the 1990s, relying instead on the same locking mechanisms as its 1980 namesake. So, it's easy to steal and still relatively plentiful - not a good combination.


Vauxhall Cavalier
8742 left, with 87 stolen for a theft rate of 1.00%

The Cavaler Mk2 was an eternally popular choice with car thieves in the early 1990s, thanks to its popularity, well-regarded sporting versions and a lack of security measures. And 20 years on, it still seems to be the case, despite the later Mk3's integrated deadlocks and improved internal door lock shielding.


Ford Sierra
7564 left, with 58 stolen, for a theft rate of 0.77%

The Sierra inherited the Cortina's easy to steal attributes when launched in 1982 - with weak door locks and easily defeated central locking systems. Again that made it a bit of a target back in the day. In 1987, when the facelifted car was launched, it wastreated to new Chubb locks, which improved matters - but not nearly enough. Byt the mid-1990s, the RS Cosworth became infamous for being too-popular with car thieves. Clearly, it's still at risk today, despite much lower numbers.


Ford Escort
78,471 left, with 366 stolen for a theft rate 0.47%

Like the Sierra, the Escort was a typically easy to steal Ford, which through Mk2 nd Mk3 proved far too tempting for car thieves. In Mk4 1986 facelift form, it was fitted with Chubb locks, becoming the first Ford to do so. This improved the situation, but not enough to stop the XRs and RSs being candy for car thieves. These days, Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts are being targeted for very different reasons - they're worth lots of money is high performance form, making even the most humble versions tempting for those in need of a rust-free shell.


Peugeot 205
12,007 left, with 43 stolen for a theft rate of 0.36%

The Peugeot 205 in GTI form is huge fun and rising quickly in value, and in classic terms, it's very hot property at the moment. So it's no surprise that the 205 features on this list - high desirbility, weak locks. and easy to break-in doors make it a bit of a shoe-in for these lists. If you own one, get it protected.


Peugeot 405
5502 left, with 19 stolen for a theft rate of 0.35%

We can't say that the 405 is a popular target for car thieves because of the desitability of the Mi16 go-faster version, as there are so few of them left. So we'll just put the 405's relative ubiquity and typical period French lack of car security.


Volvo 850
7900 left, with 26 stolen for a theft rate of 0.33%

The Volvo 850 is a typical 1990s car thief target - big, fast, and relatively easy-to-defeat security measures. If you own a T5-R that you cherish, consider getting an up to date alarm and immobiliser.



Mini 1000
16,890 left, with 46 left for a theft rate of 0.27%

Thefts of the Mini are on the rise at the moment. It's easy to break into, values are rising quickly, and comparatively easy to change its identity. The Mini social scene is good, though, and when they go missing, the word quickly gets out.


Toyota Starlet
10,367 left, with 26 for a theft rate of 0.25%

We're not quite sure why the Starlet sits so high in the list. Yes, older Japanese cars were not known for their theft resistance, but to have a similar theft rate as the Mini comes as a genuine surprise to us.