Vauxhall Victor FB (1961 – 1964) Review

Vauxhall Victor FB (1961 – 1964) At A Glance


+Good, solid classic car with lots of nostalgic appeal without the Americana of older Vauxhalls, surprisingly good to drive

-Still not quick, and rusty examples are still out there

The Victor FB was a return to a more genteel style for Vauxhall following a decade of flashy American styling. The FB was actually a huge step forward aesthetically, and that was down to the design talents of ex-Jowett and Riley designer, Gerald Palmer, one of Britain's best car designers.

The new look was not only neat neat, but also handsome and inoffensive - and helped make this mid-sized family car one of Vauxhall’s big successes of the 1960s, leading the way for more than a decade of Victor success. Four-door saloons and five-door estates were available, with the first cars (1961-63) sporting the same underpowered 1507cc engine as the F-type.

From September 1963 until the end of production, the Victor then received a 1595cc engine with 58.5bhp - and much-needed front disc brakes.