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NSU Ro80 (1967 - 1977)

Last updated 21 March 2013

Modern styling, roomy cabin, cossetting ride, clever semi-auto gearbox, restful cruising, excellent front-wheel drive handling, engine reliability worries
Wankel engine's huge thirst for petrol and oil, watch out for serious corrosion
were produced
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The NSU Ro80 was an advance preview of the 1980s for discerning '60s executive car buyers. It redefined the levels of expectation for buyers in its market sector. It handled beautifully, was huge inside, looked amazing and rode as well as any luxury saloon.

The Ro80 was deservedly crowned Car of The Year 1967, and for a while, the NSU Ro80 had the world at its feet. But the problems soon started – its rotary engine was refined but unreliable, and warranty costs had crippled NSU. By the time the company fixed it, the energy crisis hit, and all of a sudden its 15mpg thirst was an unwanted burden. Modern technology has completely conquered the rotor tip problem, and a Ro80 is a brilliant classic car to own with the correct support.

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