BMW 2002 (1971 – 1975) Review

BMW 2002 (1971 – 1975) At A Glance


+Easy to work on, solid, high quality components, great fun to drive

-More 1960s and '70s BMW corrosion, high parts prices

The 2002 was introduced a couple of years after the 1502/1602, was a logical expansion of the 02-Series range, and ended up cementing the series’ reputation as the car to beat in the sporting saloon sector. The 2.0-litre engine was essentially a bored out version of the old 1.8-litre M10 unit, producing 100bhp in standard form.

The twin- carburettor TI version, with 120bhp was far more exciting, proving a real handful on challenging roads. The Baur-bodied cabriolet version had no rivals when it was launched, but failed to sell well – perhaps because of its high price and lack of body rigidity. The Touring version was a practical Q-car, and is the one to have today.

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