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Top 25: Used cars to buy for less than £1000 in 2021

Fancy a quality (or at least an interesting) used car but only got a grand to spend? Fear not, for there are plenty around. Here are 25 cars that will provide all kinds of daily joy for just £1000.

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Ford Focus

It’s easy to forget the impact that the original Ford Focus had on the family hatchback in 1998 – the same pioneering sort that the Nissan Qashqai would have a decade later. It still looks sharp, and also remains one of the most joyous hatchbacks to drive ever made. Look for a full service history, and practical motoring doesn’t get much more enjoyable for £1000. Parts are abundant, too. 

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   on 12 May 2018

i would not touch a ford now days, if the abs pump goes its cheaper to scrap the car and on mk6 fiestas its common.

   on 7 May 2019

what NO honda civic or this 25 list?

Steve0w    9 hours ago

You’re not serious are you?
Every new car has ecu for the body (body control unit) engine (ecu) and if it’s an automatic the gearbox too.
Every one of them will mean the modern car is scrap after it passes its 10th year of build. Unless the owner wants to use second hand parts.
Which are plentiful and reasonably priced for certain manufacturers, Ford being one, probably more so than any other in this country.

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