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Top 10: Searched for classic cars in June 2013

Ever wanted to know what the most popular classic cars on the Internet actually are? Our Top 10 most searched for reviews answers that question - here are the models you were most interested in in June...

And being a review-based website, the cars that you're viewing on Honest John Classics the Top 10 reflects what you find the most interesting, what you own, or perhaps what you're looking for. We'll be running the charts on a monthly basis from now on, so you can keep tabs on trends, as well as see if your favourite motors are also loved by the wider classic car community. One thing's for sure - you'll be surprised at some of the cars in our hot list.

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Mercedes-Benz W124

The dominant Berlin taxi is coming back in fashion, although some might say it never really fell out of favour at all. After all, it's elegant to look at, classless in coupe and estate car form, and aside from being susceptible to the odd bit of rust, is just as usable and reliable today as it's always been.


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