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A Grand Monday: Audi 80, £595

Published 07 December 2015

Here’s a car that needs to be bought - and quick. It’s a 1990 Audi 80 2.0E for £595. It’s clean, tidy, comes with plenty of history and has been well looked after.

Finished in silver it has black bumpers and comes fitted with power steering, sunroof and tinted glass. The 1984cc four-cylinder petrol is tough and reliable and has been well looked after. It’s mated to a five-speed manual gearbox so 30mpg should be easily achievable.

These cars were galvanized at the factory so there shouldn’t be any rust to worry about and this one's been garaged for most of its life. The car comes with a complete service history and plenty of paperwork, including an owner’s manual. There’s also a face-off Sony radio/CD player, six original keys and a Haynes manual. Inside, the light grey carpets and herringbone pattern fabric seats look to be in good condition.

There are a couple of catches, though. First up is the mileage - 220k may put some people off. But, given the service record, we’d buy it and start aiming for that magic 300k mark. But only if you can over come what the vendor says are ‘periodic distributor problems’. The advert says these are, ‘easily managed by mechanic/enthusiast but not by me.’

If you’re good with the spanners, you can probably sort this fault. In which case you’ll have one of the tidiest Audi 80s around to enjoy.

Audi 80 (2)

Audi 80 (3)


Corps Diplomat    on 8 December 2015

Surely you can't go wrong at less than 600 quid? Even if it does have galactic miles...

anglebox    on 9 December 2015

'Can't go wrong'. I don't know - the intermittent running fault could be caused by a number of things (fuel delivery, elctrical). You could get lucky and hit it in one go, or spend months chasing it.

anglebox    on 7 January 2016

Does any have any guesses as to what might be causing the starting issues on this car? I'm quite tempted...

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