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John Doneghan

Absolutely spot on. I watch Wheeler Dealers for the mechanics,not Mike. If Velocity want to reduce the time showing the mechanics of the cars then I truly believe that this is the beginning of the end for Wheeler Dealers. People are'nt going to want to sit and watch Mike Brewer for the majority of the show. Hopefully when viewing figures start to drop,this is just to save money remember, maybe Velocity might change their minds,I doubt it.
Changing a winning formula usually means its not a good thing to do,but.......

John D. Read more

Sigismund Pyssemolde

I can imagine few things worse than allowing Mike Brewer more airtime - what annoying d***** which already spews forth from the "wheeler dealer" has blighted an otherwise extremely watchable programme for years. Without the detailed workshop pieces, and someone as clearly knowledgeable as Edd China to present them, the programme will be even more unwatchable than new Top Gear.

Joe Larsen

Velocity would rather show old fogeys who have unspeakable amounts of money buying classic cars that the average Joe couldn't buy in a lifetime,throwing away their Viagra cause they get semi boners over a car.Bring back Edd China ,so we can see affordable repairs on average cars!

Robert Newton

Why on earth change a formula that works. Idiots!

Barry Goldberg

I discovered "Wheeler Dealers" about two months ago when surfing the how-to auto shows on "Velocity." With the loss of the many Saturday morning vehicle programs last year and prior to, "Wheeler Dealers"- and most specifically- Edd China- was a true find...
I could care less about what Mike Brewer has to do and say, save his supplying Edd with the proper parts for an ongoing episode. What Mike lacks in personality, Edd more than makes up for...
Edd performs his tasks with alacrity, personality, and is just so damn good at EVERYTHING he does. I read all the blogs prior to writing mine and agree with what everyone has to voice. Without Edd, there is no show. I have to remind myself from time-to-time that he does what he does with a camera- or two- in his face...
Edd does it all, from welding in a piece of sheet metal where rust once took its place, to performing countless tasks- in a logical manner- to determine why an engine won't start, or run, or run smoothly and effectively...
My bottom-line is: Edd, you will be sorely missed. I strongly hope you will reappear- on your own show, the "Edd China Hour." Until then, it's just a matter of time until I reset my DVR to not record all episodes of "Wheeler Dealers."...
Edd would do remarkably well in a classroom dedicated to teaching auto mechanics, except he would be grossly underpaid for his talent and rapport...
Respectfully submitted,
Barry Goldberg

I am very sorry that Edd is leaving Wheeler Dealers. The chemistry between Edd and Mike made the show entertaining It is a family show that appealed to everyone who is interested in automobiles and their operation and repair. I enjoyed Mike's wheeling and dealing as much as I did Edd's instructional mechanical work. The show will not be the same without Edd. I wish him and Mike well, but I fear that Wheeler Dealers will now disappear from the airwaves. I look forward to any new programs that Edd may begin. Maybe he and Mike can come up with another program. So sad to see you go Edd. Good luck Mike.

I watch wheeler dealers to see Ed work his magic on the ramp & because it's not clotted with brands. It's gritty down to earth engineering at its best. Ed my old China you will move on to bigger and much better things. Personally I will be giving their new advertising show a miss.

British Television vs American TV. British = Knowledge, Learning, Entertainment. American = Entertainment. When Gordon Ramsay had k****** Nightmares produced in the UK, I loved the show as it actually taught you how to run a business and the details that went into it. When it moved to the US I stopped. They made Gordon Ramsay more pompous and for me, they destroyed the show.

I have been watching Wheeler Dealers for more than 10 years and only because of Edd China. The Americans are taking out the educational aspect of teaching and showing which is what the USP of the show was. Now it may become another "Overhaulin", without any substance. I hope I am wrong.


Just a question, there are only 6 Mazda 626 2.5gt V6 abs left in the uk, how come these are not listed? lovely car, superb to drive, very reliable, spacious but never mentioned! Read more


I know Maestros were rubbish and hated by everyone at the time, but I judge as is, not as the herd tells me to judge. Mine was superb, great performance against its contemporaries, beautiful interior, and great road holding. You probably think I'm insane if you've read this far, but having been a petrol head all my life, and having owned many great cars (including three Elans, two BMW's etc.) I stand by the evidence of my own experience.

Nick Cornwell-Menzies

Sad to hear Edd is to leave Wheeler Dealers, but like Edd I felt going 'State-side' has changed the 'feel' of the series, taking it off in a direction I for one was fast beginning to lose interest in. Wheeler Dealers was at its best covering our own native and European car industries which is where most of the interest this side of the pond is found. Good luck to him, hats-off for retaining integrity which is seldom the case nowadays, and with a bit of luck the BBC will entice him to Top Gear and eventually Ant too! I might even start watching TG again 'cos it certainly ain't working as it is at the moment! Read more

G Harper

Plus Edd can drive showed Brewer up many times so much better than those monkeys on top gear plus only two of them are allowed to play with anything faster than a milk float!

Which goes to show that that has lost it also....

G Harper

Yeah right but you will be talking to yourself as we won't be watching Read more

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