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I currently own a old Astra 1.7dti diesel van which has 225k miles. great little van and very reliable. I only do about 1000miles a year in it

BUT... Read more


Don't know about a classic, but I bought a 2001 Suzuki Wagon R+ three years ago with 60,000 miles on it for £330 off Ebay - huge boot, cheap tax, very economical, and has been utterly reliable, costing £60 to MOT last year and £45 the year before. Tyres are all still as good as new (it's now done 78,000 miles), I've replaced one bulb and one rear wheel brake cylinder. It uses no oil or water and costs less than £100 a year fully comp. to insure. We use it to go shopping & take our dogs around, it's so good that my wife just won't part with it until it dies!


Hi Logger, that is a tricky question!. My first query would be regarding what exactly you define as a 'classic', as i am really struggling to think of anything i would define as a classic that fits your requirements (apart from something which needs a full restoration). Even stuff from the 80's is getting pricey as folks jump on the 'classic' bandwagon, pricing their old tat accordingly!.

if you are happy to accept something which is simply getting a bit long in the tooth as a classic, there are one or two options i can suggest....

Novice John

Dear Sir,

Recently I found that an old friend was going to sell a 1972 MGB GT, which had been lovingly cared for all its life and was now under its own cover inside a garage. (Two owners from new. Present owner has had it for 40+years)... Read more

Paul Milsom

Business and friends do not mix. Don't buy it .. it'll ruin a friendship. go find another one , get a decent one from a club member for around £4k rubber bumpers are cheaper, not so desireable, and ride inch and a half higher. chrome bumpers up oi 73 better, rust? check castle rails on chassis and "dogleg" panels by rear wheel. plus sills. all available . weak points, lever arm dampers, crappy interior. and a load of other stuff. look for overdrive. desireable.



Every time I look at the cars for sale ads, there's always a tempting Bluebird for not much money.... one owner, full history, parking dings, mint interior.... It's like they're following me about. Anyone had one? It might be an itch that I have to scratch... Read more

Paul Milsom

Often Dubbed "the car for people with no interest in motoring"


Up to say £15,000 which modern car is most likely to become collectable over say the next 5 /10 years? For older classics which car might offer similar characteristics to say a Triumph Stag for a similar budget? Thanks Ian Read more


Z3 and GTV are both bound for classic status despite neither being dynamically at the top of their game even when new. They're both very pretty cars and style is what classic cars are largely about. Plus that Alfa V6 is a glorious thing. Shame they replaced it with an engine from a Vauxhall Vectra in the Brera.

Another modern car I think is due for classic status is Fords Puma which was an outstanding little car in its day, very attractive yet dynamically brilliant and running zesty Yamaha designed engines with cheap and easy to source parts except body panels. The fact they're all rotting away will only enhance the value of well maintained survivors.

No idea why Ford didn't replace it. The current Fiesta would make a great basis for a next gen Puma especially with the zingy lightweight 1.0 Ecoboost with up to 140bhp or the 1.6 ST unit.


I'd agree - you can pick a very decent one up for around £1,000 - £2,000 still, and I was stunned at the recent Classic car show at the NEC to see a company offering a selection of 'modern classics' for sale including a basic 1.9 Z3 - manual roof, cloth seats, etc. (albeit with low miles and in good condition, despite a pretty poor looking respray) for £6,000 which was attracting a great deal of interest.

I also think that there's a lot of 1980's & '90s Japanese stuff that's becoming very rare - Mk2 & 3 Honda Preludes, Honda CRX models & the like; I always fancied a 1980's Nissan Silvia in my youth - they are now extremely rare..


Wish I could step back to my days as a salesman for a Mitsubishi dealer and grab one of the occasional Starions that came through for peanuts.

Paul Milsom

future collectibles Mk1 GTIs pug / vw.... mk1 Mr2


My love of old cars stemmed from my parents only buying what they could afford to pay for without gettig into debt and as a result the cars that they owned were somewhat older than many of our neighbour's. I was born in the late 40s and my father bought his first car a 1932 Fiat 514 in 1950 and this was the one in which he past his test. In 1955 when I was seven he replaced it with a 1939 Wolseley 12/48 the first car that I drove aged twelve which served us well until 1964 when it was replaced with a 15/60. I have never been interested in fashionable or concours classics but I love those of the type that were owned by friends and relatives during my formative years and which are as I remember them, warts and all. I own a few cars that date from the early 30s to the late 50s all of which are in well used but good original condition. I realise that others have a different perspective on classic car ownership and all views are important to the survival of our hobby. Read more

peter moss

I was driving a mk4 zodiac when the brakes failed and i hit a A60 right up the back he stopped and i hit it again we got and i had to put my hands up as it was my fault we were just exchanging details and he said what happens now ,i said the insurance company will write it off and give you the scrap value for it as its old he got upset and said it was his fathers car and father had died what could i do i offered to repair it if i could get the parts .long one short i found one in a scrap yard this was in the 80s i needed a rear wing and tailgate,and bumper cost £70 the rear wings had leaded joins to the body so i cut it off pulled the back out fitted the /tailgate but used flexible filler i could have lead filled it but that would have been to much work , it was a good job finished it off with trafalgar blue cellulose and took it back he was over the moon .

the Zodiac just pushed the bumper in i thought A60s were stronger than the ford but proved wrong , best Wolsey i liked was the land crab 1885s not a lot people liked them but they were very comfortabe i dont do classics anymore to expensive last one was a Scimitar price of parts was getting to dear £70 for a water pump rip off , rebuit the salisbury axel , did the heads /valves /cooling system but sold it off in the end to a guy who buys them, this spring im clearing out all of the stuff i used to work on them with i forgot how stuff i had .

Old timers were a lot easier to work on than the chip cars we got today ,i had to go through a new learnig curve just to maintain my chip car , gone are the days when i used to put 3ltr camshafts in a 2.7 volvo then when they went i took the engine out and graffted a 245 4 pot onto the v6 gearbox worked a treat .

doing the older cars i learnt to solder /braze /gas weld /mig weld and do lead repairs along with spray painting and body repair these days its all chip kids and buy new parts or junk it !

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