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The Streetwise wasn't that short lived since it continued as the MG3 SW built in China between 2008 and 2010. With its increased ride height, fake skidplates and plastic wheelarch covers, etc, it inspired lots of subsequent soft offroaders. Read more


The van and pick-up versions of the Simca 1100 were badged as Dodges in the UK from 1976.

This is the 'relaunch' advert: www.flickr.com/photos/ifhp97/8410779904

Colin McDermott

There is a dedicated following for this car as am one of many like minded enthusiasts who love the first "Baby Jag". On my third and planning a 4th in a few years when my present modified estate is passed to my wife. You only have to search on Facebook to see how many enthusiast groups there are for this little gem. People like me who will still be taking these cars to Jaguar shows to not let one part of jaguar history fall to the wayside. Read more

I think its styling passes the test of time - far more integrated than the S type which IMO had its front and rear styled by a committee that never met. Compare and contrast with the Rover 75 which was seen as its main competitor at the time and seems to have achieved classic car status far quicker. Certainly the Jag's reliability let it down with owners.

andy pen

I got my X type 4 years ago and it is the longest I have ever kept a car. It's a 2.0d se with sat nav and if looked after they are more reliable than most cars. I loved it that much I went and bought an XJR of similar age as a weekend "special". If I had not got my X I would nver have found that special Jaggness that no other manufacturer can do without spending 20 or 30 times the money. Who cares about the Ford connection they are fantastic cars.

I have an 2003 Xtype Sport..any thoughts on it? I always wanted to own a Jaguar but knew I probably never would until this one came along...dirt cheap...I love it!

Ian Tyack

I'm considering my first X-type. My ideal would be the Sovereign, but it wasn't released in the US.


Que decir, como propietario de una unidad de mitad del 2005. Con muchos temas resueltos ya en ese entonces. De color verde británico de competición y parrilla negra. Coche espectacular oigan. Una pieza única y sublime...

Peter McGuire

Job 1 is to replace the seats. Read more

Lord Brasic

What a stunner, I saw it on Ebay, who ever owns it now has got to have the best 800 in the world Read more

Peter McGuire

What about the FX3 and FX4 London taxis? Read more

The Gingerous One

I promise to try to preserve the Rover 600 diesel that I bought last week (am trading down from a 3L petrol Jag XF).

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