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Top 10: Multi-seater classics

Estate cars, people carriers, MPVs… call them what you like, but there’s always been a market for vehicles capable of hauling around the biggest of families. The concept of the seven-seater dates back many decades, and comes in many different shapes and forms. But which are our favourites?

We’ve come up with ten of the best seven- (or even eight-) seater classics that we reckon were terrific when new and now offer a great deal to the savvy retro-car fan. So don’t compromise on space! Simply invest in a classic multi-seater and inject some fun and frolics into your family motoring.

Paul Guinness, Contributor

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Citroen CX Familiale

While the CX saloon of 1974 was a svelte and stylish newcomer, Citroen’s latest flagship was arguably at its best in estate guise. With its space-saving front-wheel drive and self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension, the CX Safari was capable of carrying vast (and heavy) loads with ease. Inevitably, however, it was at its most versatile in seven-seater Familiale guise, which offered three forward-facing rows of seats – and impressive comfort for everyone on board. Few estate cars were ever more useful than the CX Familiale, which helps explain why it remained in production right through to 1991.


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