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Honda Prelude Mk2 (1982 - 1987)

Last updated 23 May 2013

An early adopter of ABS, three-valve engines are sweet and economical, pop-up headlamps
Rust eats away at the rear wings and body parts are in short supply.


The second generation Honda Prelude was a major leap upmarket for the company's sporting coupe.It was a far more convincing cars than the original, mainly due to being priced more realistically in the UK and receiving a range of engines with more power, including a three-valve 1.8-litre that was both refined and economical. Later models were offered with a DOHC 2.0-litre, which with 137bhp gave the car real pace.

When it appeared in 1983, the sweet 1.8-litre Prelude was offered with Honda’s excellent in-house anti-lock brakes and responsive optional automatic gearbox. The arrival of the Mk2 Prelude saw the model's focus shift towards the more sporting end of the spectrum - sales improved, and today, there are more survivors.

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