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Citroen XM (1989 - 2000)

Last updated 15 May 2018

Roomy, comfortable and clever
They don't respond well to abuse and neglect
Updated 1 November 1989
Citroen XM launched in the UK

Excellent ride and handling once you get to 'feel through' the steering to the front wheels. 15' 5" long by 6' 7" wide (including mirrors). Estate 16' 3" long. Weighed from 1,500kg. 110bhp 2.1TD...

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Replacing the CX must have been difficult for Citroën, but with the XM, the feat was managed superbly. Hydractive suspension offered superb ride comfort but reasonably roll-free cornering. Individually styled interior was interesting and huge. Two-litre engines were weak in standard form, but turbos were quick and effortless. Diesel and V6 versions were outstanding - although early V6s now fabulously rare and lumbered with a reputation for fragility.

Electrical problems dented image, and the XM never recovered. But in an age of PSA rationality, infusing the XM with the individuality of its forebears was always going to be challenging. Yet, the fluid-suspended computer controlled XM managed that arduous task with ease. Firmer than Citroëns of old, the XM was still a magic carpet compared with executive class rivals, especially when compared with current executive cars. Values strangthening now survivor numbers have thinned out, although we can't help wondering if there will be another big Citroen with this level of individuality again.

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