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Habits that may be damaging your car

Naturally, as human we are all sometimes bound to make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t even realize that some of our habits can affect us negatively in the future. When it comes to our cars, we tend to make the same mistakes. Here are some habits that we have which are causing damages to our car and we don’t even realize them. [Note: The tips powered by the trusted ServiceMyCar Company United Arab Emirates]

Keeping Your Car at Low Fuel

It is advisable to fill your car tank or maintain it above the half level, whenever it is low and not keep it at lower levels. This is because when your car’s fuel is low, dust and other unnecessary particles can enter the fueling system and settle in, which ends up clogging your car’s filters and causing problems for your car’s engine.

Inaccurate tire pressure

Since tires are the only part of your car that is in direct contact with the road, they are more susceptible to damages, so they must be maintained in their best condition. One of the ways in which they can be affected is when they do not have the right pressure and are still made to perform. Therefore make sure to regularly maintain your car’s tire pressure at the apt level as both overly inflating and under inflating your tires can cause it damages. If you’re not sure about doing it yourself, you can always contact a local service centre and have them do it for you.

Not Servicing Your Car Regularly

Your car needs to be serviced regularly and following the schedule provide by the manufacture is the best way to keep your car in its best condition. By skipping on your maintenance schedule and postponing, you are only causing problems which will lead to grave damages later. Missing a car service does not only affect your car, it is bad for your safety too. On the other hand, regularly servicing your car will not only ensure your cars longer life but will also ensure your safety and help you save money.

Driving fast over speed bumps

Naturally, while approaching a speed bump, you are meant to slow down, but sometimes we have the tendency to speed up. Please don’t do this, it not only bad for your car but also puts others at risk. The speed bump is there to slow you down, driving too fast over it shocks your car and causes unnecessary wear to your car’s suspension components and also affects your car’s alignment.

Ignoring the car’s warning lights

The car’s warning lights like check engine light or oil pressure light or any other light which warns us that there may be a problem in our car must be taken seriously. It must not be ignored or put off for a later date which is usually what we are in the habit of doing. Delaying and ignoring these signs is a sure way to ensure unnecessary problems.


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