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wife found out that i cheated and it lead to chaos

My wife who wants to leave our marriage because I cheated with my best friend has come back to me. I have done everything to show remorse but she refused to come back for over 6 months she won’t even let me see my kids. I feel sorry and remorseful for my actions already but not letting me see my kids is causing me depression. I am glad just 2 days ago my wife called me that she was coming back home and even apologized for leaving this long. If not for a psychic on (lovesolutiontemple.com) called sango priestess what could I have done?? This priestess brought my wife back who has refused to talk to me for 6 months back and even apologized. This love psychic is a real witch. (sangopriestesslovesolution@outlook.com) +1 561 412 4280 for help to return ex.

Asked on 12 June 2020 by Lucas Lordegoddin

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