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Volkswagen Transporter - Classic VW buses from Brazil


I would like to introduce to this forum our company. Brazilian Classic Cars. We export the VW T1 split window bus (1959=1975), bay window bus (1976-2013), VW SP2, VW Brasilia, VW Variant, 550 and 356 replicas, Puma, Envemo and others.

Check our website for many models.

Below is the shipping quotation to UK for 1 car on a 20ft container


- POL: Paranagua

- POD: Liverpool

- Frete USD 2120/20'

- weekly service

- ttime aprox. 40 days

- t/s Hamburg

- POL: Paranagua

- POD: Southampton

- Frete USD 2120/20'

- weekly service

- ttime aprox. 28 days

- t/s Tanger

- POL: Paranagua

- POD: London Gateway

- Frete USD 1770/20'

- weekly service

- ttime aprox. 23 days

- direct service

Valid until the end of June 2019


Bartur    on 21 August 2019

I wonder how difficult it is to maintain such old cars in good condition? After all, many parts of them can not be found.

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