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Top 10: Car of the Year winners

The European Car of the Year award is open to cars available new in at least five European Union states, and which sell a minimum of 5000 per year. The event has grown significantly since the award was first run in 1964, but the spirit of the event remains the same. We've chosen 10 of the best award winners. It’s subjective, of course, so let us know what you think…


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1970 Fiat 128

The Fiat 128 might have looked like a boxy saloon cast in the mould of the surprisingly brilliant 124, but what was underneath its unremittingly three-box skin that really captured the imagination of the CoTY jury back in 1969. When they voted the Fiat 128 as the 1970 Car of The Year, they did so on the strength of its engineering purity, brilliant packaging, and excellent driving experience.

The 128 was the template of the modern car, and Dante Giacosa’s masterpiece that proved FWD could work in its tens of millions. They survive in huge numbers today, too – should you venture to Egypt, you’ll find yourself tripping over them – wearing the Nasr nameplate.


Pete E    on 17 October 2016

I forgot to say in my original comment, I still have one original hubcap hanging on my wall.

Pete E    on 17 October 2016

Looks like my first comment was lost. I bought my Fiat 128 while serving in the forces in Germany, 1970 model. Brought back to the UK and after 93,000 miles decided to upgrade. Dinitrol treated from new, just one small hole in valance when part x'd. It certainly was a grea little car. As I have said, I still have an original hubcap on my wall.

David Walls    on 17 October 2016

Whilst serving in the MN we took the first Austin 1800 to NZ, arriving in Jan 1964. Needless to say, the wharfies, using our derricks, dropped it from about 30 feet and it never turned a wheel. Signs of things to come.

Mv Napier Star Cadet!

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