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Top 20: Fastest disappearing cars from UK roads

We've been crunching data again to come up with the definitive list of cars that are most rapidly disappearing from our roads - and looking at the 20 cars featured, it's a case of natural selection working in our favour.

What we did was gather the numbers of all types of cars on the road between the end of 2007 and 2011. Then, we calculated the percentage remaining for all cars at the end of the five-year period, with the intention of working out which cars are disappearing the quickest, and how many are left. If you're a fan of unloved 1990s family cars, the read 'em and weep - for they are going fast. If you want one, be quick before they're all gone!

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Volvo 440. Population in 2007: 30,403, population in 2011: 6555,
for 21.56% of '07 cars remaining

The Volvo 440 was big news - it replaced the ancient rear-wheel drive 340/360, and was largely up to the minute in terms of technology and design. The five-door hatchback had a well-planned interior and inoffensive styling, but other than its freakishly low insurance rating, didn't really have any exceptional features.

What it lacks is the immortailty of the larger cars, such as the lumbering old 240- and 740-Series models, and that's evident in the rapid dissolution of the UK's 440 fleet.


   on 22 October 2017

We have a SLX Coupe 1987
Still going strong garaged and
Off the road for the British winters ,

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