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Top 10: Wheeler Dealer cars

Those cheeky chaps on Wheeler Dealers have been buying and doing up cars for more than ten years. To celebrate all their hard work, fans of the show have picked their ten favourite motors to drive out of Mike and Edd's lock-up.

Top place went to the Lamborghini Urraco P250S, which featured in series ten of the hit TV show. Mike Brewer brought the car for £21,380 – making it the most expensive motor on the show.

In storage for six years in Poland, it couldn’t be started because of a loose cambelt, or moved because of seized brakes. After Edd China and co gave it some much-needed TLC, it was sold for £35,000.

Mike said: ‘It's fantastic that the nation has chosen such a great Top Ten. All of our favourites are in the list but the truth is we have loved every one of the 100 cars we’ve done over the past 11 years.

‘The Urracco was a special show, as it's one of the most desirable cars ever and a real treat to get ‘a Bull in the China shop’. It culminated with a brilliant test drive through the Dolomites on Edd’s birthday.’

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Fiat Dino Coupe 2400 (Series 9)

It’s got a Ferrari engine under the bonnet, but it’s not a prancing horse. And it's an Italian-made sports car was styled by Bertone, but it’s not a Maserati. What is it? This is the stunning Fiat Dino coupe – one of the stars of the Italian Job film. A rare sight today, Mike managed to find one in northern Italy. Originally seized by the Italian police, the low-mileage car with 10km on the clock cost just €15,000. It wasn’t perfect, though, and sported plenty of dents. With the work done, the car fetched £15.5k, leaving them with a grand profit.


Mark Vawser    on 21 March 2017

A worthy car for the top 10 classics from Wheeler Dealers. These cars have an amazing survival rate which is unlikely to be matched by any current models. These cars are sufficiently interesting to enjoy for the long term. I know since I purchased my Triumph Stag brand new in 1973 and I have never regretted keeping it. I also own a Mercedes SL - R230 which I regard has a future classic but I still adore my Triumph Stag.

Edited by Mark Vawser on 21/03/2017 at 19:34

Gene Handy    on 7 August 2017

My favorite is the Morgan. True classic, the epitome of touring in style.

geoff harding    on 13 August 2017

I spent 50 years as a motor trader, in that time i had many many cars, but only one do i still regret selling. A Mercedes 220se cab 1963. Beats the Bentley Rolls and Lambo. All of which have gone through my hands.

Carl Bartley    on 1 May 2020

Lamborghini Uracco my choice for top 10

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