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Top 10: Volkswagen T2 gallery

With the news that the Volkswagen T2 Transporter is about to go out of production in Brazil, we take a look at some of the various versions offered over the years thanks to the HJClassics press car photo archive. Volkswagen's rear engined Transporter was nothing if not versatile, with it being put into countless roles, both for business and pleasure.

The T2 is such an icon today that it remains one of the most popular campers/day vans on UK roads today. So much so, that the T2 what most people visualise when you use the term 'Camper' in conversation. Not bad for a classic that's a little bit hopeless to drive, and suffers from what could be described as a space-inefficient rear-engined lay-out. But we'll not get into that debate here!

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Volkswagen T2 Caravelle

The T2 might have been put out to pasture in Europe by 1980, but Volkswagen exported it to South America where it went on to lead a successful Indian summer. The 1988 Caravelle was typical of the breed - and you'll have no doubt noticed the front-mounted radiator for the now-watercooled rear-mounted power unit.


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