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Top 10: Two-seater soft-tops of the 1990s

Although Mazda reinvented the two-seater sports car at the end of the 1980s with the original MX-5, other manufacturers were keen to join this rejuvenated market sector the following decade – with stylish, fun-to-drive creations attracting a new generation of buyers.

Many of these roadsters of the 1990s now offer great value, making them a tempting alternative to an older sports car. We take a look at ten of today’s top sportsters for fans of modern-classic entertainment.

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Bringing MG back to the affordable sports car market in 1995 was the new MGF, the marque’s first mid-engined roadster – and surely one of today’s best-value soft-tops. With 118-143bhp on tap, the MGF’s performance comes from a 1796cc version of Rover’s K-series engine. Hydragas suspension provides decent ride quality, and yet the ’F also handles neatly and predictably, with enough of a fun factor for most enthusiasts. Good cars start from £1500 (sometimes less), with even immaculate examples rarely topping £5000. Just watch out for head gasket issues and general signs of neglect when buying.

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Caroline Duncombe    on 11 June 2018

I love my BMW Z3 2.8 - its brilliant fun to drive - handles well, has excellent acceleration, loves curves and country roads. OK the soft top is prone to leaking if it pours with rain, but a bit of tape soon puts a stop to that. In another 10 years I may be to ancient to get in and out of it cos it is so low to the ground - but meanwhile it makes me smile and very happy.

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