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Top 10 Selling Cars of the 1990s

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Ford Mondeo – 718,720

Ford elected not to continue the Sierra name for its 1990s saloon, severing its ties with the past, giving its clean-sheet front-wheel drive replacement a new name - Mondeo. It featured the latest generation of Zetec engines, well appointed interiors, good ride quality and enjoyable handling – a recipe for success. Consequently it outsold its nearest rival – the Cavalier – and later the Vauxhall Vectra. It was heavily facelifted in 1996 and replaced by the Mk2 in 2000.


Edward Willems    on 19 April 2017

We had Rover 820 (Automatic) 1993 Engine capacity 1994 cc
Bought new (ish)
Gave first class usage ;until scrapped in around 2014.Mileage about 80000 miles.
It was used as a multi trip vehicle ; pulling a trailer (often containing full beer barrels - about 6 to 8)
with 3 adults .
It had for its day about one of the best acceleration around and could compete with vehicles 10 to 15 years younger
Stylish - really the classic shape.

andi sadler    on 28 July 2021

Vauxhall had 3 cars in the top[ 10 in 1990s. Astra,Cav and Corsa.

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