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Top 10 Selling Cars of the 1970s

The 1970s was a tumultuous time for British car manufacturing, but that didn’t stop the public buying British cars, and many of the ten best sellers were UK-made. The remainder of the bestsellers list is made up of European-American machines from the likes of Ford and Vauxhall. This top ten is based on registration figures from 1970-1979.  


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Mini – 611,695 registered

Such was the rightness of the original Mini, that once it had reached Mk3 form in 1968, there really wasn't much left to improve - and so, between the late 1960s and early-'90s, very little materially changed, other than trim and equipment. It had a boost in sales following the 1973 energy crisis, and remained consistently popular until the arrival of the Austin Metro in 1980, when its sales gently slipped away. Was planned to go out of production in 1987, until granted a stay of execution by Rover's new management - and from then on until its death in 2000, the Mini became a chic choice; and not one of necessity.


George Murdoch    on 16 June 2017

Has a Avenger. The sealed-beam headlamps were always failing, Got rid because of this & got a nice Corolla.

   on 16 July 2017

Bought one brand new, the valves burnt out at 6000 miles, what a disaster
Adrian Staff

David Broad    on 5 February 2021

The 2 door needed a Hath but management said it would affect Maxi sales and Austin and Morris sales had to be balanced, m****s. They finally sorted the Handling with the last year of the Ital. I had a good one but only because tI had Ital suspension, 1800 rev counter type dashboard and a 1700 motor, later a 1.8 B series. I really liked blowing off Cortinas on acceleration through better gear ratios and through the bends with that

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