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Top 10: Cars killed by the scrappage scheme

Launched in 2009 in an effort to give the then struggling motor industry a boost, the Government-backed scrappage scheme provided buyers with a £2000 discount off any brand new car – as long as they traded in their ‘old banger’. The problem, however, was that among the 392,000 vehicles part-exchanged via scrappage was a large proportion of ‘modern classics’, many of which could have had years of life left in them.

So we’ve trawled through the statistics now released under the Freedom of Information Act and collated ten of the ‘up and coming’ classics that suffered most via the scrappage scheme. For fans of any of the models featured here, the figures make depressing reading…

By Paul Guinness, Contributor

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Peugeot 205 (1188 scrapped)

Aside from the GTi version, which has been an integral part of the classic car scene for many years, most 205s were seen as worthy but aged secondhand cars at the time of the scrappage scheme. That explains why almost 1200 ended up being part-exchanged and crushed, as owners saw an opportunity to buy a heavily discounted new car.

The tragedy is, however, that among the 205s involved in scrappage were some interesting variants – including four CTi Cabriolets, three examples of the now-rare Gentry, eight GTs and almost 30 GTis.


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