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Top 10: Our favourite bits from The Classic Car Show

The Classic Car Show has packed a lot into its 13-episode run, so picking the best bits wasn't easy.

So we asked presenter Quentin Willson to help. ‘Interviewing Britt Ekland about Peter Seller's cars, chatting for an hour with Steve Coogan about Jensen Interceptors or driving an Aston DB5 for two solid days...’ said Quentin.

‘But the best moment was driving Keith Richard's Ferrari 246 Dino round the Monaco hills. Sublime car!’ he added

Plenty to choose from them. Here are our favourites - but what are yours? Join in the conversation on our Facebook page.

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Girl power at the Mille Miglia

Not content with tackling the banking at Monthlery, Jodie Kidd is also taking on this year's Mille Miglia for Jaguar. When filming this piece for The Classic Car Show, she out-performed all the other drivers on the show, inculding F1's Bruno Senna.


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