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Top 10: Most popular classics in the classifieds in August

Every month we take a look at what users have been looking at on Honest John Classics, bringing you a run down of the most popular reviews, as well as the most popular searches in the Cars for Sale section, which features hundreds of classic car classified listings.

Last month saw the summer reflected by the lovely little Triumph Spitfire taking the top spot. But in August, your attention seemed to turn to more sensible machinery, with the Mercedes-Benz W124 taking the top spot, and the Ford Cortina in second spot. But it’s all change with the top 10 once again, and with a big rejig across the rest of the board showing your car tastes change like the weather. Click through the list below to see the top ten – last month’s position is marked in brackets.

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7 (8) Volkswagen Golf
1596 classified adverts searches

Once again, this looks like the Golf GTI Mk2 search as pretty much all of the cars for sale in the classified are the fast version. But rightly so. It was a brilliant car when new, and continues to draw in the fans to this day - it's not the fastest, best looking or greatest handling hot hatchback, but just because it continues to be so satisfying to own. And there's a growing cult around the Mk2 to prove it.


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