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Top 10: MG Rover launches

When the Phoenix Consortium acquired what was left of the former Rover Group – renaming it MG Rover in the process – hopes were high that it would succeed where BMW had failed. In reality, however, funds were tight and the only way the company could survive long-term would be via some kind of merger.

That never happened. And yet, despite being so cash-strapped, MG Rover succeeded in launching a number of different vehicles between its formation in 2000 and its demise five years later. Check out our ten top choices… nine of which were actually rather good. 

By Paul Guinness, Contributor

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As with the existing Rover models, the Phoenix Consortium inherited the MGF when it created MG Rover in 2000, by which time this two-seater roadster had been on sale for five years. A replacement would be unveiled by 2002, however, in the shape of the TF – unashamedly based on the ’F but with a sleeker, more modern looking front end and coil-sprung suspension in place of the previous Hydragas set-up. As before, the TF featured 1.8 K-series power, ultimate version of which was the VVC version with almost 160bhp on tap.


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