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Top 10: January 2014's most popular classic cars

In 2014, the classic car bug seems to be spreading more than ever, with huge interest shown in historic cars, by enthusiasts in all walks of life. HJClassics readers seem more, than ever, to be piling in, and checking out our reviews section, which is packed with data, production history, road tests and buying guides for hundreds of classic cars.

We've changed the way we're counting your page views on the site now for our regular month-end chart - so the figure you'll see below each entry reflects each reader, and opposed to individual page view, as recorded by Google. In January, it's an interesting mix, and although the usual suspects are right at the top of the list, the arrival of the Citroen CX is in no doubt linked to its birthday celebrations, and well-timed road test. The question is - will it remain as popular in February? Stay tuned for next month's Classic car Top 10.

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Mazda MX-5
8534 people read this during January

In a world of cheap roadsters (check out prices of early Z3s and SLKs to see what we mean), the MX-5 still represents a near-irresistible proposition, if you're not after the ultimate pace or pose factor. It's a good, honest, reliable and fun roadster that really is like a latter-day MG Midget without the tears. Consistently popular, and agreeably cheap - no woder it's in the Top 10.

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