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Top 10: Great Japanese sportsters

There was a time when Japanese car makers were primarily known for their well-equipped, keenly-priced but terminally dull saloons and estates. (Datsun Sunny or Toyota Corolla, anyone?)  Then they discovered there was a demand for more entertaining models. And suddenly there was no stopping them...

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Honda NSX

What makes it great? Taking on the world’s best supercar manufacturers took courage, and yet Honda managed to create a beautifully-built masterpiece

Which Japanese company had the audacity to create a supercar that looked and performed like a Ferrari? That’ll be Honda and its revolutionary NSX of 1990, featuring a 2977cc 24v V6 that pushed out a mighty 274bhp. Britain’s motoring journalists were impressed, with one tester commenting: “You can feel the tingle running down your spine the first time the rev counter needle sweeps past the 6500rpm mark”. This was the world’s first all-aluminium monocoque production model from a major manufacturer, which meant a useful saving in weight. But it did add to the price, with the NSX costing a whopping £55,000 by the time UK sales began.

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groaver    on 25 October 2016

Suzuki Cappuccino.
Loads of fun in a tiny package.

POB123    on 23 July 2018

Where's the Honda S2000?

bobber    on 23 July 2018

Mitsubishi Evo?

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